Does size matter? ;D

A question that has kept man-kind awake for many nights. You might ask, where is the connection to esports, apart from the obvious connection of keeping millions all over the world awake all night? :D When it comes to esports, things are always a little bit bigger than average. The dimensions of the gear, the stadiums, the growth rate,..? Just pick one...

ORITY started as a project to solve the problem of transporting esports equipment. To do so, finding the answer to that age-old question is extremely important.

So where to start?

Level one:

Most esports enthusiasts begin young. Someone close, a friend, sister or uncle, introduces you to a video game and suddenly, you’re hooked.

Level two:

Your parents gave up the fight. You got your first PC, XBOX or PlayStation. Did you care about the size? Nah. You finally had your entrance to the gaming word-You won’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Level three:

You lived at your parents’ house, your parents still tidied up your room and desk. There is free desk space for gear - does size really matter if it’s not going anywhere?

Level four:

Thanks to your competitive mindset, chances are quite high that once puberty set in, you had to compare your skillz. There is a high likelihood that you will have spent time at a friend’s house or a local LAN-Party to best yourself with others. Confronted with the reality of moving equipment from one place to another, it must have occurred to you that the dimensions of your equipment are quite unpractical, maybe size matters? 

At this stage the main requirement was performance and price. Money was scarce and the stuff worked, so, again who cares about size?

Level five:

Either your parents have finally accepted your gaming habits and allow you to take your gear on the overseas trip, or your extremely gifted and are on your way to a major international tournament. Either way, check in baggage is no option due to the risk of delay, damage or loss. Thus, you are confronted with the carry-on requirements. Yes, Size matters!

One size for all:

We understand you and the situation. It is not an option to load the equipment in the cargo hold of an airplane, even if you can afford to buy new stuff. No matter whether your equipment is from Corsair, Hyper X, Lioncast, Logitech, Razer, ROCCAT, Sharkoon, Steelseries or any other brand, it is your gear that makes you perform the best. Changing your equipment is a huge setback. Your muscle memory is advanced and helps you perform at your best. Changing lost or damaged equipment is a setback few people recover from.

The ORITY ONE ESPORTS BACKPACK is designed to care about sizes. It was developed to fit around 95% of all esports equipment on the market and protect the inside, whilst meeting the carry-on dimensions. No matter if boarding a plan, visiting a friend, or traveling to a LAN-Party, the ORITY ONE is a rucksack that allows all esports athletes in the world to be able to carry their valuables with them in style.

Level up your esports experience with the right pack for your gear.  Check out for more info, or follow us, @oritygg on social media facebook, instagram or twitter.

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